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Multi cultural integration of traditional Chinese opera and in-depth dialogue inside and outside the stage



Performance of opening ceremony of Chinese opera culture week in 2019 (Photo by Yuan Zifeng)


Multi cultural integration of traditional Chinese opera and in-depth dialogue inside and outside the stage


—2020 Chinese opera culture week will be held from October 23 to 29
Beijing Garden Expo

The reporter learned from Fengtai District that the main activities of 2020 (the fourth) Chinese opera culture week will be staged in Beijing Garden Expo Park from October 23 to 29. According to relevant personnel of the Organizing Committee of China Opera Culture Week, this year’s opera culture week will adhere to the orientation of Chinese opera Carnival based on the previous immersion, experiential and interactive exploration and innovation, and strive to promote the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture and serve the people’s richer spirit from three aspects of specialization, informatization and normalization The expectation of cultural life. At the same time, this year’s Opera week will be supported by 5g technology, becoming the first opera cultural activity in China that is broadcast live through 5g.

After three sessions of multi-level integration, the atmosphere of «dialogue» will be created this year

Sponsored by the Ministry of culture and tourism of the people’s Republic of China and the Beijing Municipal People’s government, the Chinese opera culture week is mainly organized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, Fengtai District Committee and the district government. It is a national opera activity brand that promotes national culture and enhances national cultural confidence.

The Chinese opera culture week has been successfully held for three consecutive times, which has been widely recognized by the industry and widely praised by the society. It has been listed as one of the top 30 new forces of Beijing cultural brands. It has become a brilliant card to carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture and a grand festival for citizens to experience opera culture. After three sessions, the Chinese opera culture week has achieved the integration of opera and garden, between different types of opera, and between opera and other performing arts.

The theme of 2020 (the fourth Chinese opera culture week) will continue to be «Chinese dream, Chinese soul and opera emotion». In view of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, this year’s Chinese opera culture week will, on the basis of previous activities, continue to adhere to the principle of innovation, pay attention to professional quality and public participation, weave «opera in garden» and «garden in opera» situations, while controlling the scale, pay attention to intensive cultivation and create an atmosphere of «dialogue».

According to the relevant personnel of the Organizing Committee of China Opera Culture Week, «although the scale has been reduced this year, there are still a lot of highlights. The overall and point design has been strengthened, and three major features have been highlighted. We should pay attention to normalization, build long-term cooperation projects and opera radiation circle, strengthen informatization, and use new communication technology to expand audience coverage. »
Through theme activities, professional performances, 5g live broadcasting and interactive experience, this year’s Opera week has created a three-dimensional and comprehensive «dialogue» among different types of operas, celebrities and ticket pals, professional troupes and associations, academic and public, traditional and contemporary, etc., to explore the extensive exchange of opera culture under the background of the times, and provide rich cultural meals for the general public At the same time, it produces long-term effect.




Performance scene of Chongqing Garden of Chinese opera culture in 2019 (Photo by Ling Fuping)


A group photo of opera actors in front of dream Tang Garden

Give full play to the advantages of Beijing opera troupes to form a vivid situation of «good opera and stage connection»

This year marks the 230th anniversary of the «Hui troupe entering Beijing» and the 100th anniversary of the birth of Beijing Opera master Zhang Junqiu. In order to highlight the professional quality of opera, the 2020 (4th) China Opera Culture Week co ordinates the performance resources in Beijing, and brings into play the National Peking opera academy, Beijing Peking Opera Theater, northern Kunqu Opera Theater, China Pingju opera house, Hebei Bangzi Opera Troupe, Beijing Opera Troupe, and Beijing Fenglei Peking Opera Troupe The advantages of Quyuan troupe are to organize and carry out performances by famous troupes, famous dramas and local operas in local parks, thus forming a vivid situation of «good drama and stage».

At that time, the sunshine theater, as the central stage, will hold a series of professional performances in an all glass transparent environment. Beijing Opera farewell to my concubine, Kunqu Opera Peony Pavilion, Pingju liangxiao, Quju Yanhu, Hebei Bangzi wangbaochuan, and zhangpai Quzi opera in memory of Mr. Zhang Junqiu will be staged in turn, and «dialogue» will be held between the old and the new, Highlight the theme of «new era, new power».

Fujian garden, memory of Jiangnan, Beijing park and other characteristic parks will brand-new package of traditional dramas in customized form, supplemented by a variety of interactive activities to create an immersive space for the audience. China Pingju theatre will create a refreshing immersive Pingju drama «flower as the media» in Minyuan, breaking through the relationship between traditional opera performance and watching. By re arranging the classic excerpts and classic scenes, the classic plays will be completely deconstructed, so that the performance can be connected with the ingenious scenes between the movements. The audience will integrate into the plot and garden environment in the form of following. Love in «recalling Jiangnan» is a situational immersion series created by the northern Kunqu Opera Theater. Through the multiple and different tenderness in Kunqu classic works, the audience can linger in the garden and find different emotional experiences in different scene spaces. The Beijing opera academy has built a whole Beijing Garden in the form of immersive performances, theatrical experience activities and exhibitions. It has become a «opera ecological park» with different styles.
In addition, there will be a series of excellent short plays and Zhezi operas produced by professional opera troupes, which will appear in Jinzhong garden. Many Beijing City associations, including Beijing University opera associations, will meet with the audience in jinxiugu tomorrow theater, Chongqing Garden, Shijiazhuang garden, Xi’an Garden, Changsha garden and Piaoyou small stage, showing the folk inheritance power of opera art.

At that time, the 13 spaces of the Expo will be staged by 36 professional and folk opera groups with Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Yueju Opera, Huangmei Opera, Pingju, Henan opera, Quju, Hebei Bangzi, Qinqiang opera and other operas, with a total of 180 performances.



微信图片_20201021171703Fans are invited to participate in academic activities and exhibitions to explore depth and broaden boundaries

Highlighting the mass and interactive experience is the consistent characteristics of Chinese opera culture week. As an important embodiment of the mass character of Chinese opera culture week, the Piaoyou competition is a platform for the majority of opera lovers to exchange opera art, exchange opera culture and contact with famous opera masters. This drama week will continue to provide a space for the public to participate in and understand the opera culture. On the basis of the previous «Peking Opera» single type of opera, this year’s Piaoyou competition added «Pingju» and «Hebei Bangzi» to form a variety of competitive performances. At present, the ticket contest has started to register.

This year’s drama week will also focus on expanding the height and breadth of opera culture, and realize the multi-directional extension of academic research and popularization of opera culture. A variety of activities such as «opera teahouse» and «celebrity cafe» will run through the whole process, allowing «academic» to enter the audience, forming an immersive interactive dialogue between actors, audiences and experts to share and chat with each other. At the same time, we will continue to hold academic activities of Chinese opera culture week, as well as the collection and selection of young scholars’ academic papers.

The paper collection activities will focus on the current situation of contemporary opera creation, focus on the aesthetic and ecological construction of opera audiences, and solicit contributions from young opera creators and researchers from domestic universities, research institutions and academies. The academic seminar will focus on the 230th anniversary of the arrival of the Hui troupe in Beijing and the contemporary development and creation of traditional Chinese opera. It will invite domestic opera and drama experts and scholars and performance teams to conduct dialogue and communication, so as to realize the two-way promotion of theory and practice.
Beijing opera fans competition in 2019 Chinese opera culture week (Photo by Li Jintao)

The digital experience exhibition of traditional Chinese opera will appear in the dreamtang garden in the Expo Garden. The experience exhibition was created with the help of China Academy of traditional Chinese opera. Under the theme of «dream into pear garden», the exhibition makes full use of digital technology to integrate traditional culture with modern science and technology, so that the audience can fully experience the charm of the collision between opera art and digital technology.


In addition, this year’s Opera week also set up multi-point linkage normalization activities, mainly including the Beijing opera cultural tour, the theme activity of «show off life and share a well-off life» and the activities of entering the community and entering the campus, which will be carried out successively from the end of October to November. The normalization activities will be held in Beijing’s major theaters, community cultural activity centers and other places, so as to enrich people’s cultural life with diversified opera art activities.

During this year’s Opera week, it coincides with the Double Ninth Festival. In the golden autumn season, the Beijing Garden Expo Garden has beautiful scenery and looks like a picture scroll. The pear garden is fragrant and plays well. It will continue to transform into a grand opera garden to create a good place for the audience to «step on the autumn».

Warm tips: considering the reality of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, in order to better serve the audience, the main activities of this opera week take the form of online and offline synchronous development. At that time, the audience can buy tickets to the Expo Park and enter the park to watch the performance according to the requirements of the park. They can also watch the live broadcast through the Oriental Grand Theater, bilibilibili, Migu video and other clients.

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