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Lanzamiento de la Exposición en Línea de la Feria de Negocios en 2021, centrada en las nuevas oportunidades de cooperación internacional en la era post-epidémica


Foto: Video en línea para el acto de inauguración sobre estación Lincang del nuevo corredor China-Myanmar La Exposición en Línea de la Feria de Negocios de la Inversión en los Productos Básicos de los Países de Asia del Sur y del Sudeste Asiático en 2021 (en adelante, «Feria de Negocios en …

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A democracy in a bad moment (English version)


Xulio Ríos is a renowned Spanish academic and the Director of the Chinese Policy Observatory. By Xulio Ríos Will 2021 be an annus horribilis for President Joe Biden? The conjunction of the crises of the assault on the Capitol in January at the beginning of his mandate, and the disastrous …

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Una democracia en horas bajas


Xulio Ríos es un reconocido académico español y el director del Observatorio de la Política China. Por Xulio Ríos ¿Será 2021 un annus horribilis para el presidente Joe Biden? La conjunción de las crisis del asalto al Capitolio en enero, al inicio de su mandato, y la desastrosa retirada de Afganistán …

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COVID-19 origin tracing: Is the U.S. prone to rely on politics or science?

A blood sample of a U.S. white-tailed deer collected in 2019 carries SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. (Photo/Xinhua) By John Lee (ECNS) — A study conducted by researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has detected SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in a blood sample of a U.S. white-tailed deer collected in 2019. It means …

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What is the U.S. afraid of? What kind of ‘truth’ does it try to make up?


By John Lee (ECNS) — U.S. President Joe Biden once criticized his predecessor Donald Trump for politicizing COVID-19 and urged lawmakers to not use the deadly virus as a “political weapon.” However, the incumbent president doesn’t give up politicizing the pandemic. He has not only turned to the Intelligence Community …

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Comicomment: Scientists are not puppets of the U.S.


(ECNS)–Scientists worldwide are under tremendous pressure from the United States and some have already opted for silence, giving political agenda and biased media reports a bigger influence in shaping public opinion. COVID-19 is not a political issue, and scientists are not puppets of the United States. Is coercing and inducing …

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Rejecting to answer? No, the truth is Fort Detrick can’t make a reply


The sign on the lab door of USAMIID, Fork Detrick. (File Photo/China News Service) By John Lee (ECNS) — Here are some questions for the U.S.: why hasn’t the U.S. opened an investigation into its Fort Detrick laboratory while it hyping up lab-leak conspiracy theory? What’s the real cause of …

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U.S. targeting China on coronavirus tracing ‘a global open secret’


Special: Commentary By John Lee (ECNS) — China on Thursday declined a World Health Organization (WHO) plan for a second phase investigation into the COVID-19 origin that includes the hypothesis it could have been leaked from a Chinese laboratory. The plan has been compromised by political manipulation and disrespect of …

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Comicomment: What score will the U.S. get?


What score do you expect the United States will get? (ECNS) — The United States has caused worldwide concerns in COVID-19 origin tracing. If there is a «test paper» for the U.S. to answer, what score will it get? Here are the questions: 1. What’s the real cause of U.S. Fort Detrick’s closure …

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CNN dubbed ‘China News Network’: what double-standard trick are some U.S media playing?


China is about to administer its billionth coronavirus shot (Picture by Yao Lan) By John Lee (ECNS) — U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) was surprised by China’s coronavirus vaccination rates, calling it «a scale and speed unrivaled by any other country in the world» in its report «China is about …

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