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What is the U.S. afraid of? What kind of ‘truth’ does it try to make up?


By John Lee

(ECNS) — U.S. President Joe Biden once criticized his predecessor Donald Trump for politicizing COVID-19 and urged lawmakers to not use the deadly virus as a “political weapon.” However, the incumbent president doesn’t give up politicizing the pandemic. He has not only turned to the Intelligence Community to investigate the pandemic origin but also put pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO), trying to place the «origin» in China.

The U.S.’ «excessive efforts» on origin tracing has distorted this scientific issue while its failure to curb the surging COVID-19 cases has ruined its international image.

According The Palm Beach Post and Miami Herald, Florida removed data from the Department of Health website that showed 171 patients had coronavirus symptoms or positive test results in January and February. Later, Florida’s Department of Health found that the deletion caused a gap in the serial number of cases and had to restore the data. Does the removal of data reveal its well-managed epidemic response or is a way to blame others through destroying evidence on early cases?

In fact, it is the U.S that has been acting suspicious on origin tracing. Its first COVID-19 case was found earlier than the first officially-confirmed cases. A study conducted by University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) suggested that COVID-19 may have appeared in L.A. as early as December 2019. The Wall Street Journal also revealed COVID-19 likely hit in the U.S. in Mid-December 2019 by using a CDC scientist report.

Why does the country attempt to cover up its early cases?

Despite being questioned by the world, it still keeps silent. What’s more, the country has been keeping defiling China and trying to politicize origin tracing. People can’t help asking, what is the U.S. afraid of? What is the country trying to hide? What kind of «truth» does the country try to make up?

The «superpower» has played a limited role and been selfish in the global fight against COVID-19. It has also been plagued by an economy in recess, high unemployment rates, racist social division and so on during the pandemic.

Honestly speaking, its «superpower» image has long been destroyed. The country now has no choice but to give up politicizing origin tracing and targeting others, and to focus on controlling its domestic epidemic and improving people’s well-being.


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