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Comicomment: What score will the U.S. get?


What score do you expect the United States will get?

(ECNS) — The United States has caused worldwide concerns in COVID-19 origin tracing. If there is a «test paper» for the U.S. to answer, what score will it get?

Here are the questions:

1. What’s the real cause of U.S. Fort Detrick’s closure in 2019?

2. What have the 200 plus U.S. overseas biological laboratories done in the world?

3. Is there a coincidence between «the Event 201 scenario» and the spread of COVID-19 pandemic?

4. How many misdiagnosed «flu patients» in the U.S. were actually COVID-19 cases?

5. Where did the U.S. get its virus strain when it began to develop COVID-19 vaccine on Jan. 11, 2020?

6. Why does the U.S. turn a blind eye to the world’s research result on COVID-19 origin tracing?

7. Why did the U.S. government order its intelligence community rather than scientists to take the lead in COVID-19 origin tracing?


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