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Comicomment: Scientists are not puppets of the U.S.


(ECNS)–Scientists worldwide are under tremendous pressure from the United States and some have already opted for silence, giving political agenda and biased media reports a bigger influence in shaping public opinion. COVID-19 is not a political issue, and scientists are not puppets of the United States. Is coercing and inducing …

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Comicomment: U.S. should point its ‘weapons’ at the real enemy


(ECNS)– The COVID-19 virus is the enemy of all human beings, which we can only defeat by relying on science, facts and unity. Using lies, conspiracies and political coercion as their «secret weapons» , the U.S. is targeting its teammates while letting go of the real enemy. How ridiculous! (John …

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Comicomment: What score will the U.S. get?


What score do you expect the United States will get? (ECNS) — The United States has caused worldwide concerns in COVID-19 origin tracing. If there is a «test paper» for the U.S. to answer, what score will it get? Here are the questions: 1. What’s the real cause of U.S. Fort Detrick’s closure …

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